Hidden Memory: Find Your Family’s Story

Anne has created a family history project of her family’s
immigration from Japan to the United States and its experience
in the Japanese American incarceration camps of World War II. It included an interview with a 91-year old aunt, a hardbound book of photographs, a DVD of slide shows, a booklet of historical documents, and a story for performance. In this workshop, Anne gives tips on interviewing family members, working with old photos, and creating lasting treasures to give your family the gift of memories. Inspired a standing ovation at the National Storytelling Conference!

Reviews for the Hidden Memory Workshop

Storytelling Goes to School

Looking for a way to get your students’ attention, have fun, and meet the educational standards? Anne’s workshop for teachers, librarians, and anyone interested in using stories with children is a highly practical session that describes activities that extend the storytelling experience through creative drama, drawing, listening activities, rewriting stories, using charts and story maps, creating picture books and videos, and teaching students to tell stories. A handout includes lists of tried and true stories for each activity. Telling stories to your students will change your relationship with them as you connect on a very powerful, emotional level. The students will love the stories, the activities, and you.

Reviews about Storytelling Goes to School Workshop

Reviews about Storytelling Goes to School

Your presentation was particularly useful and inspiring because of your clearly articulated goals for telling stories, the stories themselves with suggested follow-up activities, and your enthusiasm for working with children.

(Anne’s) professional presentations are rich and expressive and are filled with enthusiasm. They evoke high standards for storytelling.

You are a wonderful presenter, encouraging us to connect to our own experiences and thoughts in so many ways.

Your evaluations spoke of your voice, depth, poignancy, and practicality.