Charlotte Blake Alston
     Tortoise and the Swans (4:54 min)

     Anansi (5:34 min)

Willy Claflin
     Maynard Moose: The Bully Goat Grim (9:07 min)

     Maynard Moose: Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs (8:35 min)

Eth-Noh-Tec (Robert Kikuchi Yngojo and Nancy Wang)
     Bird of Happiness (8:58 min)
     Monkey Moon (5:44 min)

Bill Harley
     Grownups are Strange (song) (3:25 min)
     I Like to Sing (song) (6:02 min)
     You're in Trouble (song) (5:05 min)
     You're Not the Boss of Me (song) (8:18 min)

Beth  Horner
     The Kazoo Three Bears (7:08 min)
     The Silver Spurs (Part 1): True Story of Civil War (14:30 min)
     The Silver Spurs (Part 2): True Story of Civil War (6:01 min)

Gregg Howard
     Why Rabbit Has a Short Tail (4:03 min)

Patricia Howe
     The Ghost with the One Black Eye (3:37 min)
     Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle (3:23 min)

Craig Jenkins
     The Seed (Chinese Folktale) (11:06 min)

Eric A. Kimmel
     Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock (15:23 min)

Margaret Read MacDonald
     Jack and the Robbers (4:46 min)
     Little Rooster's Diamond Button (6:07 min)

     Old One Eye (6:20 min)
     Teeny Weeny Bop (7:33 min)

Bobby Norfolk
     Three Little Goats Gruff Rap, Wiley and the Hairy Man, Little Red Riding Hood Hip Hop (28:20)
          Stories start at 2:35.

David Novak
     Jack and the Beanstalk (6:50 min)
     The Little Ant (16:40 min)
     Little Red Riding Hood (START AT 2:30)

 Anne Shimojima
     The Wave (6:56 min)

Laura Simms
     The Woodcutter (18:04 min)

Ed Stivender
     Cinderella (FROM :58 to 5:46 min)

Gene Tagaban
     Rabbit Story (STARTS at 2:35)

Donna Washington
     Anansi and the Hat Shaking Dance (7:17 min)
     The Laughing Place (Brer Rabbit story) (3:31 min)
     Red Red Lips (4:47 min)
     Scaring Crows (Brer Rabbit story) (2:52 min)

Stories and songs by some of America's finest storytellers!
Best for elementary age students.