Sakura Tales; Stories from Japan
won a Storytelling World Resource Honor Award in 2019!

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"I LOVE it! Your stories are wise and witty, your voice deep and soothing, and your telling simple and straightforward." - Motoko, storyteller from Japan and recipient of the National Storytelling Network's Circle of Excellence ORACLE Award.

"The stories and your delivery come with the assurance of an ancient wisdom that reminds us of the necessity of bringing traditional tales to a jaded world." - Jennifer Munro, storyteller

"You have done a wonderful job with these tales. The stories are beautifully retold, in language that is eloquent and exquisite but not artificial. I love the way you have adapted the stories and made them your own, including just enough exotic detail to give a sense of mukashi mukashi but not so much as to feel uncomfortably alien. I love the clear, intimate sound of your voice with no special effects or music: the stories can stand on their own. It’s a beautiful recording.” - Fran Stallings, storyteller and editor of Folktales from the Japanese Countryside.

Sakura Tales; Stories from Japan,    2017

Traditional folk tales:
   1) Ito's Head
   2) Table Manners
   3) The Golden Crane
   4) Ooka the Judge
   5) The Wise Old Woman
   6) Luck from Heaven and Earth
   7) The Wave
   8) The Tea Master
   9) The Peach Peddler
   10) The Crane Wife
   11) The Storyteller