Reviews about Storytelling Goes to School

Fast paced - jam packed with practical ideas that actually work - great examples - wonderful humor. Enthusiastic - Would love to have Anne on my school staff! Fantastic presenter. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us!

Your presentation was particularly useful and inspiring because of your clearly articulated goals for telling stories, the stories themselves with suggested follow-up activities, and your enthusiasm for working with children.

(Anne’s) professional presentations are rich and expressive and are filled with enthusiasm. They evoke high standards for storytelling.

Presented clearly with enthusiasm. Scope well developed & defined. Examples excellent and very exciting. Brilliant work! Curriculum tie-ins - just excellent!

You are a wonderful presenter, encouraging us to connect to our own experiences and thoughts in so many ways.

Your evaluations spoke of your voice, depth, poignancy, and practicality.

I can't thank you enough for once again, gracing my class with your WONDERFUL, INSIGHTFUL, EDUCATIONAL, CHOCK-FULL-OF-IDEAS-AND-WISDOM presentation! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! - Beth Horner, storyteller and teacher, graduate class in storytelling.