Reviews about Anne's story - Hidden Memory: An American World War II Story

Your story was lovely, moving, and a gentle/firm confrontation for the sins of our nation. 
Carol  Birch, storyteller

We are very lucky to have our students share in your stories.  Your engaging presentation has really enriched what we do in the classroom and it has given our students much more to take away than just a simple history lesson or literature piece.    
Albert Chan, history teacher, Niles North High School, IL

The  show is so well done - professionally presented, moving, educational and interesting! You should be very proud of this work.
Susan O'Connor, Director of Programs, International Storytelling Center, Jonesborough, TN

Anne, that was wonderful beyond words! It was moving just to listen to you. Adding the pictures and documents made it even more memorable. Bravo!!! (And keep doing it.)
Eric A. Kimmel, author and storyteller

Absolutely fascinating story and delightfully delivered.

Amazing. Brought me to tears, and joy that you put this together for us.

Though I have read books about the internment camps, your personal family story has a particular power and impact. Thank you so much for the artistry and research that went into crafting and presenting this. So well done, Anne!

Your presentation was both professionally presented and very touching. Thank you so much for educating us. It is a story that needs to be told. Sadly, prejudice is still present in our time. Prejudice is nothing other than ignorance.

Anne told her family story in a beautiful way. She is a great story teller. I already knew much about the Japanese concentration camps but she added more by personalizing it . We should learn from these atrocities.

This was one of the best programs I have seen in a long time and I watch many Zoom library programs.

Reviews about Anne's workshop - Hidden Memory: Find Your Family’s Story

(Anne) does a step-by-step presentation of the process she went through in culling together information about her family's history, her grandfather who came to the States from Japan. It is an extraordinarily well-done workshop. You will take a lot away from it. What she did you can do. - Charlotte Blake Alston, storyteller

Many thanks for your well-organized and helpful workshop. By showing us your process, you illuminated missing steps in my own process and gave me direction to go…I so thank you also for generating the questions that pulled my father’s story out of my hidden memory.

Thank you very much. You are a vivacious and joyous person – you are energizing.

Anne – you are amazing. Your voice is so eloquent. Your feet are on the ground as your stories reach for the stars.

Wonderful! Very inspirational. Anne brings history to life!

The photo slide show was the most moving thing I’ve seen in 10 years. You made me cry.

Anne’s style of presentation is utterly engaging. Appreciate the depth and extent of workshop. I was very moved.

Absolutely marvelous! Great organization and how-to “step by step."

Very thoroughly documented process, clearly and simply presented/demonstrated. Made a detailed project seem accessible/do-able. Great resources. Bravo.

Inspired me to do what I’ve been procrastinating on. Many, many thanks!

It just kept getting better and better.