"Your story was lovely, moving, and a gentle/firm confrontation for the sins of our nation."  Carol  Birch, storyteller

"We are very lucky to have our students share in your stories.  Your engaging presentation has really enriched what we do in the classroom and it has given our students much more to take away than just a simple history lesson or literature piece."     Albert Chan, history teacher, Niles North High School, IL

This is only a sampling of ideas. Anne can create a program for your needs.


Asian Tales
Asian stories sparkle with magic, wisdom, and humor. Come and meet clever animals,
a samurai warrior, dancing spirits, and an ogre or two.

Brave and Bold for Young and Old

Travel with brave Jack, third son Jean, and clever Molly as they journey into the world to find their fortunes. Nothing can stop them!

Eek! Ghostly, Ghastly Stories!
Skeletons and ghosts! Creatures and spooks! And maybe a spare body part or two! Stories just right for the Halloween season or any time. Best for ages 8 and up.

Laughs Around the World
Time to laugh! Take a journey of imagination with stories from around the world that have come down through the oral tradition to delight listeners today.

Magical Moments
Stories filled with magic, spells, and transformations galore!

Spiders and Monkeys and Frogs, Oh My!

Animal lovers unite! Come and hear tales of our furry, eight-legged, and reptilian friends.

Wit and Wisdom from Around the World

A treasure trove of stories that tell us that by using your brains you will always triumph in the end.

Girl Power!    
Meet heroines from the world’s oral traditions who prove that brains and courage win the day.


Hidden Memory: An American Story

The moving story of Anne’s family’s journey from Japan and through the incarceration camps of World War II. Presented with a slide show of photographs from the Shimojima family and the National Archives.

A Story Sampler
A selection of stories from Anne’s repertoire – clever, funny, sad, moving, and magical.

Love Makes the World Go 'Round
It’s all about love – love lost, love found. Stories that fill your heart!

Stories of women – strong, clever, brave, and kind – from both folk tale and literary traditions.