Imagine my surprise when I found an online menu with an Anne Shimojima latte on it!

Through my superior research skills (once a librarian, always a librarian, I say) I discovered that the owner of Franny Lou's Porch in Philadelphia, Blew Kind, had found me on the Internet and yes, named a latte after me. I was in good company, along with the Martin Luther King peanut butter latte and the Sojourner Truth vanilla mint latte, among others. Here's what Blew said:

Yes you are one our specialty lattes!! :) I have a list of lattes after revolutionaries. Alive and those that have passed. I try to reflect many kinds of people that have used their gifts for education, justice, and resistance. I came across you and your work. I am an admirer of folktales and story of the peoples (specifically from the African culture). I think it is amazing that you are ... resisting the cultural pressure to stay silent in the stories of your people.

On Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016 I traveled to Philadelphia (thanks to my sister-in-law from Baltimore, who drove me) and told my family World War II story at Franny Lou's. It was a treat to meet Blew and taste my very delicious latte.

And it goes to show you, life is full of surprises!